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Advanced Technology

We closely follow and support all developments in the sector. We test the usability of newly produced yarns in our R & D department. We constantly follow the developed technology and renew our machines. Our goal is to adopt a fast, efficient and result-oriented service approach.

Quality Production

We aim to manufacture products conforming with all desired values and to make the final product useable. In the production, we progress by conducting all kinds of controls. We ensure productivity by targeting quality. We aim at customer satisfaction by assuming the cost of the high quality products.


Our company has adopted the protection of the environment, which is entrusted to us by future generations, as one of the cornerstones of sustainable development. In our company, there is no process excluded from the ecological perspective. All of our production process is considered as nature priority.

Small Business Solutions

Mode Milano creates practical solutions by responding quickly to all needs and problems of its customers in addition to providing the best products and services to its customers with the help of its fast and unique “Quick Solutions System” policy specially designed to eliminate corporate barriers.

Quick Delivery

Our company, which is aware of the importance of speed and mutual information exchange in textile, transmits all the information from production to delivery to customers with the technology of our age. Our main goal is to strengthen this trust and make it untouchable and to be the pioneer of our sector.

Customer Satisfaction

Our main principle is that every customer's requests, complaints and dissatisfaction about our products and services are handled and evaluated carefully and confidentially and all customer dissatisfaction is resolved. The Mode Milano team aims at an approach focused on absolute customer satisfaction.

Dazzling Colors

Our fabrics produced with first class yarns in Karadeniz Örme Sanayi ve Dış Ticaret A.Ş. factories are dyed with eco-friendly dyestuff and meticulously in OEKO-TEX® certified dyehouses.



Production is carried out in the factories of Karadeniz Örme Sanayi ve Dış Ticaret A.Ş., with first class yarns by the expert team.

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The products that are completed in the production process are then checked by our quality control team, with great dedication and meticulousness.

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The products whose quality control is completed without any problem, dyeing process is applied in OEKO-TEX® certified dyeing houses.

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Last Check

After the dyeing process, the final product is subjected to the second time control and if 100% quality approval is obtained, it is exported.

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Our Products

Knitted Fabrics

Woven Fabrics


All kind of Fabrics & Colors

You should visit us to experience our knitted, woven and denim fabrics produced with first class yarns in Karadeniz Örme Sanayi ve Dış Ticaret A.Ş. factories.

  • 100% Quality Control

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  • Customer Satisfaction