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Mode Milano


Production is carried out in the factories of Karadeniz Örme Sanayi ve Dış Ticaret A.Ş., with first class yarns by the expert team..

Our knitting machines are obtained from the best companies in the field of machine production in accordance with the technology. We cooperate with Pilotelli, Monarch, Terrot, Mayer. We use original spare parts to maintain the fabric quality. We get our needles from Groz Beckar and Monarch. In order to avoid oil stains on the fabrics, we use “Kluber” machine oil which can be easily removed when processed under dyeing conditions. To attain the quality in production, we check the fabrics. We begin production after confirming the pre-knitting quality of the raw fabric by steam, washing or dyeing.

The products that are completed in the production process are then checked by our quality control team, with great dedication and meticulousness.

The products whose quality control is completed without any problem, dyeing process is applied in OEKO-TEX® certified dyeing houses.

After the dyeing process, the final product is subjected to the second time control and if 100% quality approval is obtained, it is exported.